Guest Registration

How it Works

Offstreet’s Guest Registration platform is web-based, so it works on any web browser, with no download, server, or hardware needed.

Validations can be created by the parker on site through a self-serve kiosk or by an admin staff through a secure web portal.

The parking validation (including plate number and start/end times) is sent through our API to the enforcement officer in the field in real time.

We maintain a historical database for invoicing, auditing, and location analytics.



Either through a mobile phone or our kiosk tablets, visitors can register for parking without the need for an attendant.

Parking Frequency Restrictions

Restrict the number of times a license plate can be registered by daily, weekly, or monthly limits.

Flexible Registration Types

Registration Types can be configured for any duration, fixed or variable time. Restrictions can be added for days of the week. The rules for the frequency of visits can be restricted by the number of visits per day, week or calendar month.

Customize-able Additional Fields

Do you require additional information from parkers? Easily add extra fields to collect their name, email, hotel room number or any other information your operations require.

Access Codes

Individual or generic Access Codes can be created for temporary staff parking, or for condominium owners, to give to guests with unlimited or limited number of uses.


Run reports on one or more of your parking locations for a time period of your choosing. Include or exclude various data points.

View Active Registrations or Lookup by Vehicle

In real-time, know which vehicles are allowed access to your parking locations and when their registrations expire. Also, lookup existing or expired registrations for any vehicle in the system.

Integration with Enforcement Software

We can send parking registrations in real time to any enforcement software application that has an API. If your enforcement software isn’t on our current list of integrations, get in contact with us!


Maintain a list of vehicles who should have permanent or long-term access to the location such as employees, maintenance staff or long-term permit holders. Alternatively maintain a list of vehicles which are banned from the premises.

User Account Permissions

Restrict specific application permissions to individuals within your organization. Onboard members of your organization with roles so that they only have access to the information and configuration that their job requires.

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